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Unleash your potential with chess
Thursday 28th June 2018
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-Universal  skills

-Work out for the brain,

  the body

-An amazing discipline to unleash your potential!


„You learn from chess, not chess“

Goal & Basic moves

-Pawns, King, Queen, rook, bishops, knights , etc...

-Castling, En passant, queening, stalemate

What limits your potential?

-Self confidence / Fear of failure

-Problem solving / Decision making difficulties

-Stress management

-Lack of something

Find your style

-Present masters with their styles and characteristics

13rd Kasparov (best prepared. Used computers early. Wrote deep thinking. 1hour a day with computers). Attacking players.

Fischer: first guy to have a universal style. Big knowledge. Reading books and swimming, boxing. Learned langages. Russian. Mind games. 

Botvinnic: father of russian chess school. He was a programmer (Alan Turing- the imitation game - enigma father. Coder of first)

Magnus Carlsen:does not try to have an advantages.


Today, they all play with computers. The difference in no longer talent. It is preparation and the ability to work 8 hours/day. Access big data.

Golden rules

-Numbers over emotions

Get a plan and stick to it,  (KPI & KPR based)


-Incremental magic: Small step (10 minutes, 1 thing at a time)


- Work, work, work? Like a Pro!

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