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Dear colleagues,

Here is our Public Speaking governance for 2018.


Our key priorities are:


  • Efficiently communicating Bank of China’s activities in Luxembourg

  • Coordinating our efforts on social networks

  • Following a common governance on public speaking

  • Defining KPIs 

I count on your support and active participation to implement this plan.

Best regards,


Lihong ZHOU

General Manager of Bank of China Luxembourg



"Universal & critical skills"

PUBLIC SPEAKING aims to leverage all public opportunities: 

- Speaking at a conference

- Managing a meeting with 10 people

- Talking 1 to 1 with a colleague

By learning how to control your message, your look, and your moves, you acquire a skill that can change your career and have an impact on your company’s success.



"Turning your audience into ambassadors“

Your main goal when you address an audience should be to land your message.


It should be:

- Unique: 1 main message only per speech

- easy to understand

- easy to remember

- easy to repeat, which is the key to "virality"


NB: KPI after a speech: ask people who were there "What was my main message?"



-Who is your “Public speaking hero“?


Answers at Bank of China: 

- Emmanuel Macron

- Jack Ma

- Jinping Xi

John F. Kennedy

- Martin Luther King

- John C. Maxwell

- Barack Obama

- Donald Trup

-How do you rate yourselves? (1 very bad-10 very good)


Self-rating at Bank of China: from 3 - 8

-Critical factors?

Answers at Bank of China: 

- Speed of speech

- Body language 

- Connection with the audience

- Clarity of the speech