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Case Study

BNP Paribas Securities Services

Discover how 360Crossmedia has helped several working groups. This programme ended with a presentation in front of the executive committee at House of Start-ups. Feedback was excellent and validations were given.

The context

Several initiatives were ongoing, but teams were struggling to come-up with strong propositions and a deadline.

The solution

After meeting each working group, they agreed to run a three hour seminar each, with the objective to come up with a clear deliverable. It was also decided that all teams would present their proposition on June 28th in front of the Executive Committee in order to obtain a validation, or a motivated refusal.

360Crossmedia Added value

- Promotion of a culture of “Getting things done”

- Creativity boost

- Production of deliverables, on deadline


Operational excellence: The design of an app called WhatsMap

Well-Being: the production of a booklet called "Have a nice day" which will be distributed during a "Well being" day.

HR: the creation of a new programme called "Drive your career" promoting initiative at a personal level.

Linkedin: organization of the first “Social Media Day” with a presentation in the company’s amphitheatre.

Leadership: validation of the “Stronger together” programme, streamlining leadership initiative at an individual level

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