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OUR community

- 500 employees

- 27 nationalities

- Active accross 4 continents

- Working 24/7

Average age : 34
Average experience: 22


- 9000 Freight Forwarders

- 450 GSA

- 430 Cargo Airlines

- 400 GHA

- 250 Customs offices

300 million airway bills processed

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Dear teammates

Our company was created in 2004 and has managed to become an industry leader.

In many companies, the corporate culture is like the “Force” in Starwars: something that everyone talks about but noone has ever seen.

We have created this document to present the key elements of our unique culture and empower you for your day to day activities. 

Best regards

Arnaud Lambert (CEO)

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                  One liner

A global leader solving the challenges of the air cargo industry.

Mission Statement

To shape tomorrow’s world of integrated air cargo logistics to be simpler, faster, better.


CHAMP aims to be the partner of choice delivering innovative end-to-end solutions

and enhanced information intelligence

to the global air cargo transport logistics community

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elevator pitch

Pitch in 1 minute 

    We only do one thing, but we do it well: solving the challenges of the air cargo industry.

    Our team is enthousiastic about solving problems by leveraging our existing capabilities and exploring new ways to help you reach your goals. 

    Thoughout the last 14 years, CHAMP’s technology has established a comprehensive ecosystem connecting all stakeholders on the Air Cargo value chain. Today, CHAMP is regarded as a trusted information intelligence provider.

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What makes CHAMP special?

Unparalleled track record & know-how

Over the last 14 years, CHAMP has been privileged to serve the Tier 1 players of the Air Cargo industry thus accumulating a unique range of know-how, IP, and experience.

Holistic view

Thanks to its unique position in the market, CHAMP is able to oversee both the global and specific needs of each stakeholder, therefore reducing risks and generating economies of time, money and ressources. 

Largest global community

The CHAMP family is leveraging synergies accross the actors of the industry, and connected by long term relationships with clients, employees and other players of our industry.

“ CHAMP will be there in the next 30 years at least”
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CHAMP has started in 2015 its transformation from pure IT solution provider to information intelligence services.


August 2014

CHAMP creates CHAMP Forwarding Systems SA to offer Logitude Software as a Service (SaaS) 

January 2008

CHAMP acquired a 100% shareholding of Softair AG, a Swiss company which developing a suite of innovative air cargo software applications.

December 2017

Passed 500 CHAMPions mark and €60million

November 2011

We acquired Traxon Europe, the specialist in electronic air cargo communications.


CHAMP Cargosystems was founded in

Luxembourg in 2004 as a 100% subsidiary of

Cargolux Airlines. In January 2005, CHAMP

was merged with SITA Cargo (UK). We’re 51%

owned by SITA and 49% owned by Cargolux.


CHAMP’s future is shaped by 3 main initiatives:


We are only serving the air today, but we are spreading


Multimodal : we are looking at maritime and trucking

Shippers : we are working with groups like Inditex (Zara). By using our system, we help them solve their biggest problem: the single tracability of the goods.

2. Live Innovation culture: is a game changer developed by CHAMP.

You can compare it to a “” of air-cargo.

The system is immediately available with 90 airlines, thanks to our community.

Other innovations will be launched in the coming quarters.


3. CHAMP’s ID:

In today’s world, we need to make sure that CHAMP is not only taking part in the global conversation, but is also perceived as a though leader.

The CHAMP’S ID programme focuses on

- Branding

- Social Networks

- Content under every possible shape (Speeches, articles, videos, infographics, powerpoint...)



Quality with quantification.

Always make sure to set and track key KPIs. They will drive your next decisions.

Time matters

Adapt to new, shorter cycles

Doers attitude

Do it now and improve later


Prepare for anything and get rid of what doesn’t add value to clients

“By focusing on continuous improvment, we are progressing day after day.”

“Our attitude defines

our future altitude”

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