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Dear CHAMPion,

First of all, I would like to welcome you to

CHAMP Cargosystems.

The most valuable asset of our company is


Over the last 15 years, CHAMP Cargosystems

has grown from an IT department to an

international leader. Your experience and skills

will help us face the upcoming challenges and

capture many opportunities.

Best regards

Arnaud Lambert, CEO

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Welcome to the CHAMP Cargosystems


Congratulations, you have been handpicked

to join our team!

At Champ Cargosystems, you will have the

opportunity to grow and develop yourself

together with the organization. This booklet

has been created for you! It will guide you

through the first steps of your journey.

It’s all about communication. If anything

pops in your mind, talk to us or join us at the

next “meet and greet” session.


Séverine Muller, HR Manager

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CHAMP Cargosystems at a glance

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- 500 employees

- 40 nationalities

- 4 continents

- 39 average age

- 27 nationalities in


- 40 nationalities globally


- 9000 Freight Forwarders

- 450 GSA

- 430 Cargo Airlines

(include 53 of the top 100


- 400 GHA

- 250 Customs offices

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our organisaton

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mission statement

"To shape tomorrow’s world of integrated air cargo logistics to be simpler, faster, better"
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induction journey


progress check

• Explain CHAMP Cargosystems in

1 minute

• Describe the history of CHAMP


• What is our value chain?

• Name our shareholders

• How many employees do we have?

• Do you know where to go

for help?

• How can we prevent IT virus?

• When was Champ Cargosystems


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Trust: the fundamental of everything we do

Work hard play hard: we do what it takes to meet our clients’ expectation. Success is celebrated and rewarded in total fairness.

Driven by passion: that is the DNA of a CHAMPion

Connected minds: as digital pioneers, we co-design, co-work and share information in real time, thanks to our state-of-the-art technology

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golden rules

Let's built together the best workplace of our industry!
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