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How to do a good interview of a 3 michelin stars chef

Mission : 
Prepare, run and write a phenomenal interview of a three Michelin star chef.
Be ecstatic of such an opportunity but SHOW THE LOVE:
the Chef should know straight away that you have extensively researched the subject and that you are passionate.
NB: Think about this as a high and low tide situation.
STEP 1 : Preparation - high tide

This is the part where you gather as much information as possible.


Research the chef extensively:


  • Background e.g. research-based vs traditional inspirations, technique vs and emotion

  • Personal and professional life - success and failure

  • Work – what are the Chef’s trademarks?

  • His influences e.g. mentors, other chefs, specific collaboration, interests (art, music, sports etc.)




  • Mediakit – ask the PR team – Bio and Photos

  • Google

  • Specialised sites – Guide Michelin, St Pellegrino top 50, Gault-Millau guide etc.

  • YouTube, Netflix

  • Bibliography


STEP 2 : The interview


Once you have gathered the necessary information write down your questions and your guide for the interview.




  • Record the interview

  • Avoid generic questions such as “how do you define your cooking?”.


  1. Start a quick association game based on keywords defining the Chef e.g.


  • Emotion

  • Technique

  • Music

  • Artist


  2. Discuss key Notions – e.g. Pierre Gagnaire


  • Cooking and resilience? 

  • Adding soul?

  • The principle of emotion?

  • The invention of “multi-facetted” dishes?




Question example – Pierre Gagnaire:


  • Personal history: you took over the restaurant of your father similarly to Paul Bocuse. What have been the marking point of your professional experience?


  • International reach: Do you see yourself as a French chef with a global reach or a Chef without borders?


  • Style: How do you manage to ensure your authenticity?


  • Research: You collaborate often with the scientist Hervé This. What place does science take in your cooking?


  • Collaboration: How did you launch your collaboration with the musician Chilly Gonzales?



STEP 3: Writing the interview - low tide


You will see the main lines of the interview appearing.

Up to you to draft the interview on the three-main axis


  • Link the main ideas in three direct questions

  • Re-listen the recording

  • Discuss with your interview partner

  • Make sure to include the defining traits of the Chef

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