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Boost your growth with linkedin

Welcome to our LinkedIn training.
Please find under the curiculum :

I- Introduction

II- Profile Audit

III- Should I protect my connections?
IV- How do I hide my connections?


I. Introduction

This video will introduce you the module.

It will also give you your first quick tip about LinkedIn.

II. Profile audit

In this video, you will discover 4 reasons why you should use LinkedIn :

We will also make a quick audit of our CEO profile.

Click on the link below to make your own LinkedIn audit!


III. Should I protect my connections?

You might have said, one day, "I have nothing to hide".

It's wrong!
Because you should hide your bank account password or the place you hide your keys.

Do the same with your connections on LinkedIn.


Watch our video!

IV. How can I hide my connections ?

Now that you know why you should hide your connections! 

You should do it!


Profile Audit
Should I protect my connections?
How to hide connections?
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