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GOLDEN Rules Photoshoot


2. Framing

  • Play with horizontal or vertical lines of the landscape to add a framing effect

  • Make Sure to isolate the face of the subject and avoid lines or details around the face.

  • Look for neutral spaces in the room to create a natural frame around the face of the subject

Avoiding lines and patterns around the face creates a natural frame
Horizontal lines polluting the background
No noise around the face of the subject
Pure photo emphasising the subject
Elements next to the subject's face
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3. Angles, Context & Creativity

Multiply angles and format of the shots (general shot, overall, average, American, close-up, the close-up, the very close-up)


  1. Shoot as many photos as possible

  2. Be creative and find great angles

  3. Do not use high angle view 


4. Details & Mistakes to Avoid

Pay attention to the detail hereunder - a small mistake can ruin a whole photoshoot

  1. Clothing: badly worn tie, shirt collar, jacket,...

  2. Shadows

  3. Grimace / Eyes closed

  4. Hands and body language say a lot. Avoid: hiding hands, crossing arms, slouching, leaning forward


5. Going to the photoshoot

Download and fill up the form during the photoshoot

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