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Experience the 360 Lab

A Lab at 360Crossmedia consists of a creative session during which, for 3 hours or more, all the necessary points are raised for the completion of a project.

The key to competitiveness

To remain competitive, a company needs to do three essential things: innovate, optimise its operations and communicate. However, a lack of time and a restricted budget can be problematic. How can we help you? First, we start a Lab with a review of the current situation and give our feedback. These three hour sessions are timed. Efficiency is required and although the meetings may seem short, they are filled with ideas. This is a genuinely time-saving method: no more interminable email exchanges! The main points are outlined during the meeting and feedback is instantly provided. We can then refine and change details over the following days for optimal results. In short, the company saves time, reduces its costs and can use the time saved for its own business activities.

Get a plan & stick to the plan

What advantages do you enjoy after a Lab? A bespoke solution. The aim is to create a bespoke plan of action, with the ultimate aim of helping you implement it, from start to finish. Each problem is methodically managed step by step and is resolved with concrete solutions. Our goal is to deliver tangible results. A three-hour session or a day-long session provides a comprehensive view of the company and also ensures the attention can be paid to every detail. You are always in control.


  • You get a plan you can stick to

  • You fix problems, one at a time, with tangible results

  • You stay in control at all times

Best-sellers at 360

Labs are created depending on the company’s needs. However, some requests are common to many businesses. For example, the ’Social networks’ Lab. We can help you to effectively convey the "rules" of simple communication: a 12-page brochure provides all employees with instructions on how to communicate and publish information about the company, how to protect their information and, most helpfully of all, the tools with which to achieve this. The goal is also to increase the visibility of the organisation, but without any reputational risk and with considerable uniformity. What’s more, a Lab can create a booklet in three hours with all the important ideas to convey to your colleagues. Who you are, what you do and your main keywords. A sleek design and dynamic text for your internal communications.

  • Lab sales

  • Strategic plan

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