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Restaurant 3* UK

Dear X,


Our company is based in Luxembourg and publishes many magazines including Andy#25 – Duke#12 – China#3 and Spoon #3.


We are producing a special interview series about 3 stars’ restaurants. We have already 19 articles published: Aqua (Sven Elverfeld – P124-127 of Andy #22), Schwarzwaldstube (Harald Wohlfahrt - P96 – 99 Andy#21), Paul Bocuse (P100-105 of  Andy#16), ElBulli (P30-31 Andy#4), Christian Bau (P86-87  of Andy#15), Noma (P8-9 Spoon#1), l’Assiette Champenoise (Tabloïd Heat#1), The Fat Duck (Duke#4) and 3 articles (Bersategui, Akelarre & Arzak) in The mystery of San Sebastian (Spoon#2), 2 in Switzerland (Peter Knogl and Benoit Violier in Heat#1) and 4 in Asia (Chan Yan Tak (P42-43 China#1), Alvin Leung, Kwong Wai Keung, Yoshiharu Kakinuma), 2 in Belgium: Hertog Jan (Geert de Mangeleel – Page 100-103 Andy#21) and Hof van Cleve (Peter Goossens – P94-95 Andy#21).


Would you like to be part of this special series about 3 star restaurants which will be published in Andy and Duke? (You can download the mediakit here)


If so, we propose the following partnership:


1. interview of the chef (45 minutes)

2. Preparation of an article (we will give you the text and pictures, rights free)

3. Publication on 2 pages


In exchange, we simply request a menu for 2 persons. We are flexible regarding the date.


Would that work for you?


Best regards,


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