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Dear Teammate, 

A company like 360Crossmedia was created in 2000 to deliver Freedom.

Freedom to innovate, to choose, to communicate, to invest, to travel, to learn, to remain independent. This goal has beein achieved.

We could go on "as usual". Life would be easy! Or we can finish the job, work really hard, go global and change both the world and our lives with amazing returns.

It's up to us; 1 day after the other.



"We are entrepreneurs, outsiders and competitors"

We innovate, take the hard way - which has many advantages - and enjoy overcoming difficult challenges


"We are entrepreneurs, outsiders and competitors"

We innovate, take the hard way - which has many advantages - and enjoy overcoming difficult challenges.

Mission Statement

"360Crossmedia empowers companies of all sizes with disruptive solutions, sold disruptively"*

*This reduces competition and preserves our margins.

What makes us Unique

An amazing team

  • Teamwork 2.0, with Google Docs, Dropbox..​.

  • Hard WorkingResult driven

  • Fully Responsible

A "No Bullshit Approach"​

  • Transparent communication

  • Short, clear propositions and solutions

  • No problem to say "sorry" and accept mistakes

Open Minded, New technology curious


We turn complexity into simplicity"



Copyright system & Patent

  • The patent is all about generating finished products with ready to use templates and modules (saving time & money). 

Breathtaking Solutions​

  • Magazine/websites/brochures in 3 hours

  • High impact labs

A great Branding in the Financial World

  • Focus on Funds, PE, RE, Insurances, Family office



Complete the Model

  • Website, Bible, iOS books, processes

Boost our Sales​

  • Everything for Luxembourg (CP + MC)

  • Management Consulting (MC) internationally

Grow the Company

  • Integrate Tomorrow Street whenever possible


Our Management Consulting Services can conquer the world"


Representing the Company

Make sure you look like a big guy when facing clients and prospects.

Listen and ask questions before you talk

Speak slowly and get 1 message across (Be Sharp)

Get contact and identify opportunity (write info on business card.

Follow up! (within 24 hours)


  • Use the 1 liner and the pitch

  • Deliver your messages in 3 points max




  • Top management sometimes gets lost in execution, therefore losing oversight


  • We want to be a multinational, but we sometimes act like a startup. (Example: "Suivi de Production" file)


  • We lack a powerful platform. Social Typhoon, Sambaprint and Geogaga are missing the target so far. "Suivi de Production" is our platform for the moment


  • To make everyone more efficient, we need to document and record training programmes


To play in the big league, we need to act like the big guys"



Speed is an important part of our added value, thanks to our system and ready to use elements.

This said:

"Do things well in 10 minutes rather than badly in 5"



We select passionate people who:

Think before they act

  • Make sure you find the most efficient way. 

Structure and simplify things

  • This is what we do.

Check that it is done well and report it!

  • Get things done right the first time.


A non-reported task is considered undoned"

360Crossmedia_logo2015_def_pantone (1)_e

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