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SGG Crossroads is an annual event which brings together key decision makers from the global financial industry to stimulate new ideas on relevant subjects. The first edition of SGG Crossroads was held on 26 June 2018 in Luxembourg on the theme “Can the finance industry contribute to a better society?”. We had the privilege of welcoming a number of prestigious speakers to share their views and insights at this conference including Sir Bob Geldof and Gina Miller. We hope that you will enjoy reading this White Paper which highlights the key takeaways from this memorable event, which provide real food for thought for the future of our industry.


CEO, SGG Group

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Can the finance industry contribute to a better society?

Green investments are on the rise ..

Evolution of outstandings
European green fund market (base 100 = 2011)













... But it's not enough!!

Sir bob geldof:

Tripod to Africa

Main Takeaways

  • 1 person spending 1 dollar is charity. A million people spending 1 dollar becomes political and the needle starts to tremble. With a further push, this brings about change.


  • If you don’t have inclusive growth, it tears the fabric of society and negatively affects trust. It fuels anger and hate.


  • Famine is an economic problem. Politicians are the agents of change. You need to engage those agents to bring about change.

"Within one month 5 million African children went to school for the first time.”

gina miller:

A voice for society

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  • Divided capitalism has not created societies in which people thrive.


  • Our duty is to deliver a virtuous circle of value creation, customer confidence and self-fulfilment.


  • Think about proximity, think about your skills, think about what you do well. Charity is not just about giving money, it’s about helping society. See how you can use your skills for the common good.

"Ensuring financial stability underpins democracy, its institutions, and the wider environment and infrastructure that supports our open societies.”

nev heyman:

merging profit and philanthropy 

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Main Takeaways

  • It’s profitable not to look away – feeling good about doing good. Nev EarthFund is a philanthrocapitalist fund, founded and managed by a group of philanthrocapitalists who believe in “Doing well by doing Good” for everyone in the value chain, in particular, the shareholders.


  • Housing humanity is our motto and, cleaning the environment of its waste - our driving force. It takes 3 tonnes of plastic to create one NevHouse. One factory produces 10,000 houses per year, and recycles an average of 30,000 tonnes of plastic waste a year, with a turnover average of $20 million.


  • Our components, low maintenance materials, cover up to 9 codes of plastic which, encapsulated in a “all waste types” management approach, supports, not only the plastic elements but also local organic materials, such as bamboo, coconut fibers, etc., as per the local country’s environmental grid.

"Philanthrocapitalism can be summed up as doing well by doing good.”

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Prevalent changes in investment behaviour also illustrate the potential of Impact Investing over the coming years.”

Patrick Scheurle

CEO, BlueOrchard

Main Takeaways

  • The finance industry can contribute to a better society and be a powerful tool for empowering people and addressing global societal and environmental challenges.


  • The promise of Impact Investing is to make a social and/or environmental impact alongside financial returns. Social and environmental impact and financial returns go hand in hand.


  • More and more people believe that their investments need to produce a positive impact that eventually could contribute to changing the world or making it a better place.

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Main Takeaways

  • If you want to create a better society, think about your customers. They will be the first to support your efforts and will become your best ambassadors.

  • When it comes to communication, the most important thing is hearing what’s not being said.


  • Make it easy for people in your organisation to take action and they will join you in your efforts to create a better society.



So our actions and relationship capital are part of a much larger chain reaction which encourages society as a whole to become better!”

Itzik Amiel

Founder & CEO, The Switch

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Main Takeaways

  • Epic amplifies your potential to make a difference through giving.


  • In a world of solutions, we provide impact solutions. Epic finds, funds and scales high-impact social organisations and enables all donors to give better and smarter.

  • Our organisation provides giving solutions that embrace donors’ economic model: we scout, create and promote giving solutions that help companies place social good at the heart of their economic model.

"Financial stakeholders want to show that finance is able to share and cares about its social impact."


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