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"The only thing that matters to us is long term trust!"

We empower your company

We combine know-how, technology and a patent to deliver a system capable of producing amazing performances.

- A management consulting seminar in 3 hours

- A magazine in 3 hours

- A website in 3 hours

You keep the lead

At 360Crossmedia, we consider that the clients know better. We are happy to boost your creativity and implement whatever you need.

- we build TRUST mission after mission

- no need to sign long term contracts

- If you decide to stop working with us, we won't ask any question

Labs last only 3 hours or 1 day

Time is money. And most of our clients are short on time.

Get a 20 page magazine, a 5 page website, or a full consulting lab in just 3 hours.

50 Themes to choose from

All prices include 5h of preparation, the workshop and 5 h of follow-up

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