Dear Colleagues,

I have created this Communication Plan with three main goals in mind:

1. Grow our Business

2. Let the market understand what we do

3. Boost our Brand

I need your active participation!

By using the rules and tools presented here, you will allow me to produce great articles and high impact videos. I will take care of journalists and on my own, but together we can maximise the distribution through our newsletters and social media.

Best regards





1 Liner 
  • We are a Luxembourgish Fintech allowing the asset management industry to save time and money ​​
Elevator Pitch 
  • We automate calculation​
  • We enhance product management
  • We streamline fund documents
  • Consistency
  • Efficiency
  • Core business 
  • Expertise
  • Responsiveness
  • Trust 

Analysis(12 last months) 


  • Blog: 6 (= technical articles)

  • +/- 20 news (internal)

Videos / Clips

  • 1 clip of Nicolas Buck


  • New website in 2018. 

  • Easy update of content but not of structure

  • Visits : low

Newsletter : 

  • Mailchimp: 900 people

Number of employees : 15 

CRM/Event : 

Participation at ALFI conference but:

- No extraction of the ALFI listings

- No Linkedin strategy before or after

- No 'onsite' strategy to reach potential leads


Social networks :

  • Linkedin (685) / Twitter (408) /Facebook (57)

360 Analysis

Teamwork: communication seems to be left to Meriem. Experts need to feed her with input


Speed: we suggest that you approach communication like a Start-up, with quick, efficient procedures and routines


System: for each investment, you need a system in place that can generate measurable results.



At ALFI conference, do not expect spontaneous visits. Create your own traffic with Listings, Linkedin, Newsletters and sharp follow-ups



Goal #1: Growth

  • Generate leads and new clients

Goal #2:  Understanding

  • Make people understand what Seqvoia does

Goal #3: Boost the brand 




Meriem: no defined budget

Jean-Marc: Data solution: marketing: 20k (FIMA event in London, Financial information...


To help you write your articles, you will find below the : 

- Articles questionnaire template Uk/Fr

- Interview questionnaire template Uk/Fr

- Articles golden rules here

- Operating system here








  • Use the official background image on LinkedIn

  • Indicate the 5 liner under the company

  • Connect to the right company (Seqvoia) 


  • Social network 

    • Post​ on LinkedIn

      • High impact images/videos

      • 180° rules

      • Very natural, personal tones

      • Create context (time/information)

      • Context: Seqvoia RegWatch, Seqvoia Data briefing

Meriem should have the best account to inspire people to create their personal 5 liner, photo, Seqvoia 5 liner, video?)

  • 3 codes

    • Orange messages: published by Meriem, followed by an email to the team. Reaction expected within 15 minutes​

    • Yellow messages: non critical; submit to Meriem and publish after validation

    • Green messages: life of company, comments on articles? Published without validation. GDPR stuff. Meriem should get personal opt-in. 


  • After each critical publication, the team will be informed by email. It is ideal to react to the publication (like forward, publish...) within 30 minutes.


  • Website

  • Newsflash (only news) (900 names). 

(15 new subscribers following the newsflash)


  • Linkedin: 685

  • Twitter: 408

  • Facebook: 5



Articles: 1/month

  • Videos: 1/month

  • Posts:

    • Susanne: 1/week​

    • Seqvoia: /week

  • Likes: 1/week/person

  • Best post of the week (all categories) (Goal: 20)

  • leads/New clients

  • Distribution

    • Press​

    • Website 


Press list

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